Racing Team (2015-2017)

Corvallis Cyclery Racing


     Corvallis Cyclery, Inc.  is proud to have been the title sponsor for Mary’s Bicycle Racing Collective.  Thank you to all our very wonderful team members for being such great ambassadors not only for Corvallis Cyclery  and the sport of MTB racing but to also our other local sponsors, our local trails and community.  You are all great people and individuals.  We wish you all the very best, cheers!

-Corvallis Cyclery Racing.

The team raced local Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA) events as well as a few selected races outside of the state of Oregon.  Established in 2013, Corvallis Cyclery Racing has primarily been an off-road focus, participating in Cross Country Mountain Bike (XC), Cyclocross (CX), as well as a few Road and Gravel events.

Corvallis Cyclery Racing won the Oregon Off-Road Series in 2015 and 2016, the first team to ever have won back to back championships.  We are proud of their accomplishment in representing all of their sponsors at the classic Oregon Cross Country mountain bike races!

The Team’s Mission Statement:

A community-based amateur bicycle racing team established in 2013 by a diverse group of individuals and we are guided by these objectives:

  • Promote Corvallis Cyclery Inc. and other local business team sponsors.
  • To serve as ambassadors for cycling on the road and on the trails of the greater Corvallis area.
  • To provide a positive community that welcomes and supports all types of riders.
  • To represent our Corvallis community throughout Oregon by participating in Oregon Bicycle Racing Association events and selected races in neighboring states.
  • To promote cycling as a healthy lifestyle choice.
  • To be good sports, no matter the results, no matter the situation.


This team photo was taken at the 2016 edition of the Corvallis Cross Classic!

Please make sure to support the other locally owned businesses that have supported our team as it grows!






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