The staff here at Corvallis Cyclery is happy to welcome you to the shop.  With decades of industry knowledge and a longtime passion of the bike itself, we are more than able to help you with any and all of your bike-related questions or needs.  Come on in, and meet the crew.  You can get to know us a bit better with the information below, we love snacks and treats (hint, hint).


Matthew Stoeffler (Corvallis Cyclery employee since 1986)


Position:  Shop GM/Lead Bike Tech.  Also known as The bicycle whisperer and recumbent trike expert.  One hell of a bike mechanic!

Favorite Bicycle/type of riding: Commuting bike (Trek 7.2 FX) and COMMUTING

Favorite Beverage: Black Coffee

Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

Favorite Blizzard: Oreo

Favorite Local Ride: Brownsville to Marcola

Bike Industry Background:

Matthew has been working in a bike shop since 1975. He started working at Corvallis Cyclery in 1985. His favorite part of mechanic work is taking bikes that are wrecked and making them whole again.


Dan Holt (Corvallis Cyclery employee since before time began)


Position: Sales/Bike Tech/ E-Bike Guru.  Probably has a complete wool racing kit somewhere.

Favorite Bicycle/type of riding: They are all good

Favorite Beverage: Descender (Beer)

Favorite Cookie: Lemon Bar

Favorite Blizzard: Oreo

Favorite Local Ride: Eddyville

Bike Industry Background: “If you can make a Varsity work, you can do anything” – Dan


Carl Gurney (Corvallis Cyclery employee since 2003)


Position: The maker of things that go round.

Favorite bicycle/type of riding: My taxi , because it gives me rides/ Mountain biking (dirt riding)

Favorite Beverage: Beer

Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Chip

Favorite Blizzard: Mint Oreo with chocolate soft serve

Favorite Local Ride: Mary’s Peak by mountain bike

Bike Industry Background: Carl started working at the Cyclery in late August of 2003. Before that Carl went to United Bicycle Institute and got his certificate in bike mechanic magic and making bike frames. Carl’s deep knowledge of bikes allows him to masterfully work on bikes of all types.



Patrick Means (Corvallis Cyclery employee since 2012)


Position:  Bike Tech / local top racer/ shop PRO/ Chief reggae officer.  Master of bikes that go fast.

Favorite Bicycle/type of riding: Mountain biking

Favorite Beverage: Coffee, black.

Favorite Cookie: Patrick is a gluten-free cookie monster.

Favorite Local Ride: Riding the trails on Mary’s Peak.

Bike Industry Background:  Patrick has worked as a bicycle mechanic for the past 16yrs. He’s also raced Elite mountain and Cyclocross for the last 8 years.

Kat Power  (Corvallis Cyclery employee since 2017)


Position:  Sales Tech/Crazy strong local women’s MTB rider/racer!!

Favorite beverage: Chocolate Milk and good old fashioned Water!

Favorite cookie: Cyclops cookie

Favorite Blizzard: Oreo with Heath bar………at the same time.

Favorite local ride: North Ridge Trail on Mary’s Peak.

Bike industry background:  Several years of flat out shredding, just to start with. Very accomplished on the MTB and can shred a trail like its nobody’s business.  Three years plus retail experience also an experienced MTB Guide.

 Ben Roberts (Cyclery employee since 2017)




Position: Bike Tech/Sales

Favorite Bicycle/type of riding: Commuting/touring.

Favorite Beverage:  H20 and Coffee.

Favorite Cookie: Chocolate chip.

Favorite Blizzard: Kit Kat and Twix…………at the same time.

Favorite Local Ride: Belfountain.

Bike Industry Background:  Ben spent two years plus helping bring the Corvallis Bike Collective to where it is at today.  Experienced commuter and accomplished bike adventure tourist.

Eric McKinley (Corvallis cyclery employee since 2017)



Position: Sales/Bike Tech

Favorite Bicycle/type of riding: Getting lost in the woods on his Cross bike.

Favorite Beverage: A good strong cup of coffee!

Favorite Cookie: Snickerdoole

Favorite Blizzard: Oreo

Favorite local ride: Woods Creek Road

Bike Industry Background: Eric has spent plenty of time fogging up bicycle shop windows. Although relatively new to our bike shop, Eric has several years of riding and racing.


John Semadeni (Cyclery Owner)



Position: Fearless Leader

Favorite Bicycle/type of riding:  Love road riding but really riding bikes anywhere, anytime is fun!!

Favorite Beverage: Deschutes Brewery’s Pacific Wonderland

Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Crackle cookie

Favorite ice cream: Lochmead Dairy’s Irish mocha chip

Favorite Local Ride: Alsea Falls Counter- Clockwise

Bike Industry Background: Third Generation bike shop owner, has been in a bike shop since before he could walk. UBI graduate.

Years at the Cyclery: Has worked in bike shops most if his life.  He and wife officially purchased Corvallis Cyclery form his parents in 2011.   Who in 1988, purchased the shop from the original owners who started the business in 1974.