Check out one of the top-rated trail bikes of 2017!

Mountain bike magazine editors and users alike have all been raving about the Fuel EX, which is made by Trek.  We are personally also really excited about this uniquely versatile mountain bike, and are proud to have a fleet of Fuel EX 7’s built up in the shop for you to come and check out.

The stunning matte-red paint job will turn heads as you fly through the Mac Forest.  The Rockshox Revelation front suspension and Fox Performance Evol rear suspension is responsive and playful.  This bike is at home in any type of mountain bike riding that you may be into:  you can take it Alsea Falls and enjoy the flow, or take it up to Black Rock and get some air.  The Shimano drivetrain and brakes inspire confidence and precision shifting.

If you’re wondering more about the bike, come on into the shop and we’d be glad to answer any questions for you!